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Surf’s Up! Our Head of Live Action, Elan Hertzberg got addicted to filmmaking as a young puppy, when he saw Cinema Paradiso… you can understand. He got good with a Super-8, started working on sets with his aunt (that’s like totally nepotism, dude)… but got the big California sunshine nod of approval when Art Center College of Design beckoned him to “come into the light” as one of their youngest students. He probably was clueless, but the chicks were hot, and he graduated with a BFD….no, wait, it was a BFA. He did stuff like producing and directing award-winning children’s TV and quickly became known as a go-to guru producer. He’s got 25 years on the experience timestamp, with big deal clients, like Apple, Coca-Cola and Walmart. He‘s like totally Tri-Coastal – LA Lalaland, New York, Tel Aviv…and back east to Atlanta. Now that Hotlanta is like so evolved as the New Hollywood, and FilmTribe is a talent leader in this universe and beyond… Cowabunga!