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According to director Scott McCullough, a director’s diverse skill-set is composed of experience, creativity, instinct, on-set demeanor and vision. An experienced director understands the politics and nuances of a successful working relationship with a studio, cast, crew, and production departments – essential to delivering high caliber projects. As a hands-on director with extensive cinematography and editorial experience, McCullough’s technical background complements his creative vision.

He deeply believes intuitive energy comprises the fabric of the filmmaker’s success in their persona and process. There must exist a deep pool of respect, integrity and creativity to amass all of the critical elements to make a great film. A director must innately know story, character and technique for all of the film’s components to properly coalesce.

McCullough’s pragmatic, stylistic and contemporary storytelling is grounded in visual foundation of art and design. His many awards and repeat Fortune 500 clientele consistently garner high recommendations and accolades.

McCullough launched his commercial directing career with Target landing the account to Ad Agency Peterson/Milla/Hooks and several One Show acclaims. He continues work for clients like Pepsi, Ford, NASCAR, GM, Polaris, Jeep, Kumho Tires, Coors, Kubota and Budweiser and many more.

McCullough first big opportunity was when rock icon Prince discovered McCullough’s unique abilities and they worked closely on over 25 projects and 10 live shows. The award-winning capabilities of lighting, editing and directing lured other talents like Colby O’Donnis, Mizz Nina and many more. He has several high-profile movies, television series and content projects in current development.