Okay, our warriors are ridiculously talented. We do killer work.

We think straight. We shoot straight. We’re straight with you.

Our work for you? We take it seriously. Ourselves? Not.

We just like to create or kick around your big ideas…and make ‘em big-bigger-best.

We shoot it. We kill it. Your audience eats it up.

Okay, cool.


Elan Hertzberg

Tribal Chief a.k.a. Head of Live Action

Surf’s Up! Our Head of Live Action, Elan Hertzberg got addicted to filmmaking as a young puppy, when he saw Cinema Paradiso… you can understand. He got good with a Super-8, started working on sets with his aunt (that’s like totally nepotism, dude)… but got the big California sunshine nod of approval when Art Center College of Design beckoned him to “come into the light” as one of their youngest students. He probably was clueless, but the chicks were hot, and he graduated with a BFD….no, wait, it was a BFA. He did stuff like producing and directing award-winning children’s TV and quickly became known as a go-to guru producer. He’s got 25 years on the experience timestamp, with big deal clients, like Apple, Coca-Cola and Walmart. He‘s like totally Tri-Coastal – LA Lalaland, New York, Tel Aviv…and back east to Atlanta. Now that Hotlanta is like so evolved as the New Hollywood, and FilmTribe is a talent leader in this universe and beyond… Cowabunga!

Yelena Hertzberg

Tribal Leader a.k.a. CEO and Co-Founder

Note: Yelena's nickname is KGB. So please read this with a thick Russian accent! 🙂

KGB techniques very good. Yelena is CEO-type who run show. Da, she has eye for design and business management. With management eye, she know how to develop branding and marketing, run events, and get things done (you not find body). With visual eye, she is experienced fashion & graphic designer, wardrobe stylist, and image consultant (if you find body, she make it look good). On West Coast, she get BFA in Fashion Design from Otis College of Art and Design and worked as secret designer for LA fashion houses (we won’t mention BCBG MaxAzria & Tadashi). This stylin’ girl escape Belarus (USSR) when she very young, so she not brainwashed by Pravda…but she love her Prada in US America. She now back East with family tribe and FilmTribe, ready to be not-so-secret agent boss in New Hollywood. Nasdrovia!

Allen Lipis

Tribal Advisor a.k.a. Partner

More Yankees? Allen Lipis is a Brooklyn boy who helped pioneer the electronic banking industry. He even wrote the book about it….fuhgedaboudit. Allen’s internationally-respected consulting firm Global Concepts has instructed and dealt with the world’s biggest dollar brokers – like major banks, ATM people, check processing folks, and more. So really…don’t bounce your check to us. He’s been a sought-after speaker, but he’s had to give up the Brooklyn accent, it just don’t play in Peoria. With 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, he’s one of our best go-to guys for contacts and business questions. He has now beamed up in a new incarnation, the CFO role, which includes strategy, finance, and planning…to help us achieve the kind of success that resides only at the pinnacle of the mountains of Brooklyn (like if they had big mountains there).

Scott Italiaander

Tribal Advisor a.k.a. Partner

A Yankee from Lawng Eyeland, our CEO Scott Italiaander is one of those all-around guys who thinks he knows it all….and just might. We’re talking range here – from Sales & Marketing for TransAmerica, to the judicial world of corporate law. Fiduciary financial services with the House of Amex, to a series of crucial estate investments. He’s been involved in varietudinal enterprises, including a children’s edutainment company and feature film…and was drawn to The Tribe like the rest of the team, because we all love that play button. And he shares his eagle eye (usually both) in the areas of legal, financial and business experience. Omigawd.


Tribal Inventor a.k.a. Head of Digital

Imagine you’re 12,500 feet off the ground on one of those small private airplanes. Your heart is beating out of your chest and you’re about to puke. Then you see Eric. 3,600 skydives, Eric. Smiling, Eric. Fifteen-years of skydiving experience, Eric. You’re suddenly calm. Looking forward to the free fall. Eric is a master at diving-in, being fearless, taking risks and walking away with a successful end result.

Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, Eric was always a thrill seeker. Enamored with technology, he took the plunge and went to Georgia Tech to study Electrical Engineering. He traveled around the country, lived all over the world, and made his way into the BIZ as a stereoscopic 3D consultant and VFX expert. As the saying goes…those who don’t jump, will never fly.

Eric’s career has been parachuting up for over 20 years. He was part of the team of designers and developers that created cnn.com and the post-production facilities at Pinewood Studios. It seems like Eric’s worked with everyone in the biz…CNN, ABC, Disney and Cartoon Network, and worked on HUGE films like Titanic and Spiderman. For some, the sky’s the limit. For Eric, it’s only the beginning.


The Rain Maker a.k.a. Head of Creative

It was Jim Morrison who coined the phrase “The West is the best.”  Something we’re pretty sure relates to the sun setting side of this great nation of ours, or our very own head of all things creative, Gordon West. It could really go either way.

A native of Georgia, Gordon spent the last 17 years working with some BIG time clients, at some BIG time shops, in some BIG time cities. A passionate craftsman and consummate leader, Gordon’s work has been recognized by most every top award shows in the biz. He’s led fortune 1000 brands to achieve record sales and staggering success, even during one of the country’s worst recessions. (Just dodged the dust bowl on that one.) Some of his most significant engagements have been with McDonald’s, State Farm, Land Rover, Laughing Cow, Mars Wrigley, and Anheuser-Busch.

An incredibly talented art director, designer, writer, creative technologist and strategist, Gordon recently moved back to his old stomping grounds here in the Southeast. Where we are thoroughly stoked to have him and his spirit animal, the leafy seadragon, as part of the tribe. Welcome back kemosabe.


Dreamer a.k.a. Producer / Head of Music Videos

Who needs sleep? Steven doesn’t. You can sleep when you’re dead, right? With extra hours in the day, Steven’s always hard at work makin’ something. Whether he’s paintin’, chiselin’ some stone, buildin’ furniture, editin’ footage, producin’ a commercial, or directin’ a music video for artists like Lil Wayne, Future, and 2Chainz, FilmTribe’s resident DREAMER spends most of his time wide awake.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Birmingham, Steven spent his early childhood staring out the window, day DREAMING. He picked up his first camera for a 7th grade book report and hasn’t put a camera down since. Restless, he quickly followed his DREAMS. He started out as a PA on sets and worked his way through every production position out there.

Skilled in both, the technical aspects and storytelling, the man can make his DREAMS reality. Steven’s worked with BIG clients like The Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s, The Weather Channel, GA Lottery, Republic Records, Atlantic Records, SONY and FOX.

And…on a rare occasion when Steven cuts back on the caffeine and his head hits the pillow, be REST assured, he’s not lying there counting sheep; he’s DREAMING up his next BIG idea. For a man who never sleeps, he sure is DREAMY.

Tony Chau

Tribal Musician a.k.a. Lead Editor

All hands on deck! Meet Tony. Tony’s HANDY. Whether he’s strumming his guitar, tinkering with all the right knobs in the editing room, thumbing away on his controller while playing the latest video game, or developing his own video game, Tony and his magical HANDS are always in-tune.

Born and raised in Georgia, Tony knew his affinity for taking things apart and putting them back together was going to lure him into the Biz. After a short stint at Art Institute of Atlanta, Tony took matters into his own HANDS and pursued his dreams. There’s nothing Tony can’t HANDLE. He’s constantly creating smooth JAZZ visual magic with his mad Cutting Skills; VFX and SFX and Motion Graphics that light up your brain.

Speaking of the brain, Tony’s got left brain practicality with right brain creativity down to a science. Want proof? Well, he’s left-HANDED. Okay fine, he’s worked with big clients like Johnny’s Pizza and McDonald’s and one of his film’s won BIG in the IMAX Atlanta Sci-Fi Film Festival in 2016. With Tony as our Lead Editor, we can sit back, relax, and know that everything will be HANDLED.


Tribal Warrior a.k.a. Live Action Supervisor (LA/Atlanta)

Bicoastal Elizabeth started her geographic ping-ponging in the east, in the alleys of Broadway as a classically-trained singer – then ping-ponging to the west to the hills of Hollywood… and cliffs of Malibu, appearing on “Baywatch.” When she auditioned for the lead in the movie “Annie,” they told her 5’1” was too tall — but Daddy Warbucks told her she was special and to “never stop believing that.” Her next big roles were as sought-after production supervisor with top producers and directors, who also believed that Elizabeth was special. They put her in charge of managing and coordinating productions for top TV Commercials, big-name Branded Content, and the hottest Music Videos. She’s worked with folks like Jack Black, Beyoncé, James Franco, Sean Penn, Sofia Vergara, Chris Tucker, Jay Z and Zedd. (You're supposed to do some name-dropping if you’re in La-La-Land, right?) Elizabeth brings the passion of Annie to everything she does -- when you work with her, you’ll know that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Margaret Gearing

Tribal Hostess a.k.a. Head of Client Services

Watch out, here comes Margaret racing by in hyper-speed on her decked-out bike or on an extra long run through town -- she’s truly a force to be reckoned with! Whether she’s taking the Marketing world by storm with BIG BIG clients like Coca-Cola or sipping a cappuccino while floating down a canal after biking across Italy, she’s a woman of the world with a skill-set to match. A Marketing maven, Margaret has been in the biz for over 20 years mastering all aspects of advertising, creative development, and client services.…Oh! And she even owned her own freaking Advertising Agency, which she sold for the BIG bucks, might we add! The Tribe is over-the-moon to have Margaret on our team as the head-honcho of Client Services. Her can-do attitude is contagious and her attention to detail superb, but best of all she always manages to have fun doing it! Seems like Margaret’s seen it all, well almost...One more continent to go. Antarctica!

Natasha Harris

Leader of the Loot a.k.a Head of Finance

Ya’ll know what time it is? Time to talk money. Well, lucky for us we’ve got Natasha. With 14 years of experience in the finance and insurance biz, an impeccable work ethic, and not to mention a contagious smile, Natasha is MONEY $. Born in good-ol’ Arkansas, Natasha and her family moved to Atlanta when she was nine years old. Natasha always dreamed of working behind the scenes in the movie industry and once she got her first feature film gig, she knew she found her tribe. A Southern girl through and through with sweet tea practically running through her veins, Natasha is a proud Atlantan and an even prouder Head of Finance here at FilmTribe. You can catch Natasha volunteering at a local fundraiser, running another marathon, and killing it while studying for her second degree...whatever she’s doing she knows how to make it COUNT.


Tribal Artist a.k.a. Marketing Assistant

A-roota-toot-toot…A small town girl with a big city sound-- Elizabeth knows how to fill a room with good vibrations. Her musical talents aside (she played trumpet in the UGA marching band), Elizabeth has the unique ability to wear many hats. Growing up in the small town of Bowman, Georgia where chickens literally outnumbered people, Elizabeth helped her grandfather stock shelves at his grocery store (the only one in town) and built cabinets with her dad for his carpentry business. All that focus on interiors led her to fall in love with architecture and creating spaces, a field she worked in for many years after graduating with a degree in interior design. Her dreams of building sets for movies led her to the industry and to FilmTribe’s front door. With all those hats, FilmTribe is excited to have Elizabeth as our Marketing Assistant. Elizabeth Peach doesn’t just help with marketing, she’s a soulful conductor that can assist in anything from graphic designer, 3D modeling to IT Support…and yes, she is as sweet as a Georgia peach!