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Born in Connecticut, raised in New Jersey, schooled in Montana… in South Carolina. Geographically, that’s the timeline. But it doesn’t begin to explain the places he’s been and the things he has seen.

Jeff was fortunate enough to have an uncle who worked in Hollywood as an Art Director. He was nominated for an Oscar and it made a big impression on Jeff. After graduating from the University of Montana with a film degree, he got offered a job in Charlotte, NC with a production company that made sponsored films for Fortune 500 companies. He worked on some cool stuff for some really big clients. More importantly, he got to wear a lot of different hats. Being able to make someone laugh, cry or buy something they don’t need in 30 seconds, appealed to him and he joined another production company specializing in TV commercials and music videos. Over the years, he worked for several different production companies and worked his way up the ladder to becoming a cinematographer and a director.

In 1988, Jeff decided to open his own production company, Oasis Films in Charlotte, NC. In the south, it’s hard to specialize so he’s gotten pretty good in several different areas out of necessity. Most notably dialog, lifestyle, automobiles and motor sports. He loves kids and it shows in his work.

These days, in addition to shooting television commercials, you can often find Jeff wondering around with a still camera in his hand chasing Humpback Whales, Grizzly Bears, and Wolves. Over the years, he has shot just about everything that runs, crawls, swims and flies….from Alaska to Africa, Norway to New Mexico, Istanbul to the Hawaiian Islands… and beyond.

Jeff opened a small wildlife gallery in Ashville, NC. It’s his stress reliever. It keeps him outside and close to nature, two things he loves dearly.

Film Tribe is extremely excited to welcome director Jeff Smith to the Tribe. Jeff comes to us with many years of television commercials directing experience. He specializes in dialog, lifestyle, automobiles and motor sports. He is also a very talented photographer. His work awesome REEL can be seen below.