Maz Mawlawi

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PEACE OF MINDVadenMaz Mawlawi
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BONELESS WINGSQuaker Steak & LubeMaz Mawlawi
IT’S CLEARSouthwoods ImagingMaz Mawlawi
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A LITTLE JEWELCA RestaurantMaz Mawlawi


As a child growing up in Switzerland, Maz dreamt of becoming an actor. These dreams were inspired by the thrills of Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and the like. Though he never made a career in front of the camera, he’s spent plenty of time behind one. Through the years Maz has tackled nearly every position on set, from gaffer to DIT to DoP. However, his experience does not end there. A self-proclaimed nerd, he quickly mastered editing, color-correction, VFX, and more.

This broad skill set allows him to understand film making as a holistic experience. Not just as an end product, but an opportunity to tell a story from pre to post-production. This approach is easy to spot in his current work as a Director and DoP.  In his portfolio you will find a range of projects including national commercials, documentaries, films, and television.