WE’RE AIMING TO FIND…  Freelance Commercial Directors

WHAT? We’ve assembled a roster of highly skilled, award-winning directors, veterans of their craft and emerging talent alike, all of whom are inspired to create focused, eye-catching and emotionally resonant ways to tell a great story. Whether it’s a VFX visual experience, luxury car commercial, offbeat music video or sidesplitting comedy, FilmTribe’s directors find new, creative, and innovative ways to endear the biggest brands and artists in the world to U.S. and international audiences.

With the backing of FilmTribe’s masterful Digital team, our directors are provided with the perfect environment to bring our client’s ideas to reality and develop an outlet for creative exploration to accomplish our collective vision. Concepts on a wide range of scales are executed with artful precision across all media platforms and always hit the client’s desired target.

BULLSEYE? We at FilmTribe always keep our eye (usually both) open for seasoned and emerging talent. If you are a freelance Commercial Director and have a killer reel, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us your reel and resume by clicking on the orange button below.